The Rug: Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival 2020

Following the nationwide success of State Highway 48 and the local launch of The Quest, Hamilton composer, Chris Williams, is ready to share work in progress on his third musical, The Rug. The story of The Rug is around materialism and keeping up with the Joneses and it’s based on two cavemen families living next door to each other. The music explores percussion techniques to enhance the arrangements and the stories, while told in prehistoric times, are familiar themes around looking over each other’s fences and wanting what others have while forgetting about what’s important. Williams has collaborated with highly respected music director, Mark Dennison, to bring the first stage of The Rug to stage for the first time ever.

Location: Picturesque Garden

Event times

Hamilton Gardens

Hungerford Crescent, SH1 (Off Cobham Drive), Hamilton

New Zealand

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