The Prince and the Pea

A mysterious young man washes ashore in the kingdom of Monteblat claiming to the long-lost Prince Ruprecht of Tilted Towers.

There, he meets a villainous bodyguard, a mad Queen and her beautiful-yet-stubborn daughter Princess Marmalade with whom he falls madly in love with.

However, before they can be together, there are a few crazy tests which he must pass to prove that he is the Prince he claims to be…

The Electra Theatre classic makes its triumphant return to The Meteor! Adapted and directed by Benny Marama, The Prince and the Pea is a snappy, witty and modern twist on a classic tale.

With hilarious hijinks, original songs and one or two health and safety issues*, The Prince and the Pea is guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor with laughter!

Suitable for kids 5 and over, and for those who are still kids at heart.

*The health and safety issues are exaggerated. However, in the unlikely event of an incident, we do have a Health and Safety Officer onsite and ready to help.

Event times

The Meteor

1 Victoria Street

Hamilton 3204
New Zealand

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