Destination Earth

Greetings, explorers!

You’ve been cleared for take-off, so climb aboard the S.S. Meteor and make your way through the galaxy to a strange planet filled with very peculiar creatures – welcome to Destination: Earth.

Join your guides Ebag and Tnat and learn all about planet Earth and it’s amazing and unique inhabitants as you make your way across the vast and incredible universe.

But, be warned, space travel can be a pretty adventurous activity so this might not be the smoothest of rides…

The Meteor July School Holiday’s Kid’s Show is back and we’re going galactic with a new, original and interactive production! This multi-media experience is written and directed by Courteney Mayall, and features songs, videos and live-action escapades…

A hilarious, fun-filled and educational adventure all about planet Earth and life on our ‘pale blue dot’! Destination: Earth explores the natural wonders of the world and the impact we make on it. Delving into everything from the seasons and the environment to languages and traditions from around the globe. A must see for Earth and non-Earth dwelling beings alike, the show is suitable for kids 5 and over, and for those who are still kids at heart.

Tickets are only $9 for children under 16, and $12 for adults!

Event times

The Meteor

1 Victoria Street

Hamilton 3204
New Zealand

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