Anthonie Tonnon - Rail Land

Equal parts tragedy, comedy, and personal memoir, Rail Land weaves the songs of Anthonie Tonnon with new material written for the show, historical letters to the editor, and meticulous notes on the railway systems of New Zealand. The result is a journey of the mind through New Zealand’s on-and-off again love affair with passenger rail.

The show also travels with an exhibition of historic NZ Rail advertising department posters and schematic maps, blown up to large scale.

On its first run of shows, audiences took trains to reach each show. Rail Land can be combined with Rail journeys, visits to rail-themed attractions in the host town, or work as a stand-alone show, and Anthonie is happy to help facilitate this.

Tickets at $22.50 each 


Event times

The Meteor

1 Victoria Street

Hamilton 3204
New Zealand

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