Toi Wāhine Festival

On September 19th 2018 New Zealand will commemorate 125yrs of suffrage in New Zealand and those women who fiercely fought for us all. 

Nowhere is their legacy more strongly felt than in the Waikato, birthplace of Prime Ministers Helen Clark and Jacinda Arden

With that in mind and with both men and women’s voices all over New Zealand demanding gender equality, we present the inaugural Toi Wāhine Festival.

A festival that celebrates the creativity, ideas and actions of women from the past, the present and from the Waikato and beyond.

This carefully curated and unique 11-day festival explores the diversity of women’s experiences through theatre, film, literature, comedy, music, workshops, panel discussions, practical skill building events, networking opportunities and other arts events.

The aim?
To unite men and women from all over the Waikato Region and provide a platform from which to add their voice and stories to the current positive global movement.

For more information about events on as a part of Toi Wāhine, visit

Event times

The Meteor

1 Victoria Street

Hamilton 3204
New Zealand

The Meteor website

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