Mrs. Krishnan's Party

The work is somewhat of a sequel to the much loved story of Krishnan’s Dairy created in 1997 to great acclaim. 

Twenty years on, we return to visit the widowed Mrs. Krishnan during Onam – a South Indian harvest festival full of colour, music, and joy… but we’re not exactly welcome.

When James, the well-intentioned but overzealous college student, organizes a surprise party for his landlady to observe Onam, he unwittingly brings everyone in the room face to face with its true meaning – a celebration of death and rebirth. The rules of theatre are danced around the floor, as the audience becomes the third character in this joyous, life-affirming, party-within-a-play. Crammed into the back room of the Dairy we are active participants in the rapidly unfolding comic, odd-couple drama of the careworn, widowed shopkeeper, Mrs Krishnan, and her boarder.

In the spirit of great parties everywhere: laughter abounds, tears are shed, stories are told, wine and secrets are spilled, food is cooked and shared, a mess is made, arguments flare, love is found, faith is restored, wonderful music plays, tables are danced on and a 100 strangers become friends. In the colourful spirit of Onam, strangers leave as friends with their bellies and their souls fed.

Check out another side of Kalyani Nagarajan (The Pickle King) in Mrs. Krishnan’s Party and watch as she cleverly embodies the role of Zina Krishnan!

Indian Ink Theatre Company continues to bridge cultures and push boundaries with this immersive ‘party-within-a-play’ that seats the audience around the table both figuratively and literally, and breaks the rules of theatre in an utterly disarming 75 minutes of comedic, odd couple drama between Mrs. Krishnan and her over-zealous student boarder.


Please note: While the pricing is tiered, seating remains unallocated within the individual sections. As such, seating selection has been disabled.

If you require assistance with any mobility issues, please email the Box Office at

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