Hamilton Fringe Festival 2018

The first ever Fringe Festival was held in Scotland – a rather spontaneous festival tacked onto the fringe of a different, and well-established, festival.

Now held world wide, Fringe is an arts festival which provides a supportive space for new ventures, welcoming the avant-garde and experimental, and attempting to maintain accessibility to all. We’ve heard the Fringe Festival described as an opportunity to push boundaries, and a launchpad to other great things.

This years Fringe, a mini-Fringe, if you will, will be held in venues throughout the Tron from the 1st – 8th of December.

From theatre to music, to visual art and multimedia CROSS POLLINATION, to interactive experiences, comedy and improvised happenings: I SAW THE FUTURE, AND let me tell you, Hamilton – SOMETHING was happening, SOMETHING MOST INCREDIBLE was happening from the 1st until the 8th of December.

For more information about the upcoming events, visit http://hamiltonfringe.co.nz/

Event times

The Meteor

1 Victoria Street

Hamilton 3204
New Zealand

The Meteor website

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